OTC Paternity Testing

OTC Paternity Testing

This new kit could put Jerry, Maury and Montel out of business.

Admit it; on a sick day at home, you've sat on the edge of your couch watching Jerry Springer shake his head at some foolish guy vehemently denying that the baby is his.

Sure, it's entertaining on TV, but in real life, paternity tests are no joke. When people really need to know the truth, it could take up to 6 months for labs to process the DNA samples. That could all change, with this new over-the-counter DNA Paternity test (about $150 with lab fee) that promises an answer in 3-5 business days through mail, phone or online through a secured web service. The test is easy enough - a mouth swab sample - and is mailed back to Identigene labs for analysis.

Identigene, a medical research company that specializes in DNA testing, has already introduced the new product at RiteAid drug stores on the west coast and they've "sold briskly" according to the press release. Yes, there is a plethora of logical reasons why this item would sell well - child custody, immigration technicalities, settling estates, etc. but I can't help but wonder if the honor code and the concept of just plain trusting someone is becoming completely obsolete.


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