Wedding Party Winds Up In Jail

Wedding Party Winds Up In Jail

A wedding in Vallejo, CA ended with the wedding party being arrested.

Ugh. We can see this happening at basically every wedding we’ve ever been to. The after party (or the after-after party or even the after-after-after party) gets a little loud. The groom and bride maybe should have retired to the honeymoon suite 45 minutes ago, but decided to power through with a few Jägerbombs. Then the cops show up. Everyone chills out for 40 minutes then somebody taps a second keg. Then the bride is holding the grooms legs for a kegstand and the after-after party is officially a ‘rager.’ Then the same 2 cops from an hour earlier show up. And they find the responsible adult AKA the best man and scream at him for letting them down earlier. But he’s so drunk that he takes it personally and gets tased. Then the groom jumps in and get zapped. Then the bride, who is falling down drunk, gets handcuffed and taken away.

Well this whole thing went down after a weekend wedding in Vallejo, California. That is going to make for an awesome brunch the next morning. Read more from Signs On San Diego about this awesome wedding party. Thank God the bride didn’t get pinched for assaulting the groom. That would be embarrassing.


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