Clooney Warned About Girlf Via Voicemail

Clooney Warned About Girlf Via Voicemail

Clooney got a crazy voicemail warning him off of Sarah Larson.

According to the Fametastic, George Clooney has been warned off of Sarah Larson via voicemail. The message was left by a man and said, “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the bitch before you’re sorry!” Before everyone starts kirking out, they should probably see if Heather Mills has learned to change her voice. Leaving voicemail warnings is totally up her alley. Maybe it was Clooney himself. He’s got some bet with Michelle Pfeiffer for like $100,000 that says he won’t get married. And George Clooney is the nicest man who has ever lived, so he’s not about to go hurting some poor girl’s feelings. He has to make some waves and then let her do the walking. Think about it, the media is starting to make some noise about Clooney settling down and he might have gotten spooked.

Or more likely it was David O. Russell, still pissed off about the Three Kings incident or the release of that video where Russell viciously dresses down Lily Tomlin from the I Heart Huckabees set. Or it was part of Ashton Kutcher's diabolical plan to put the media ill-at-ease.


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