Why Men Need You To Groom Them


Why Men Need You To Groom Them
Your guy not only likes being groomed, your opinion may improve him.

Kim, a songwriter in New York City, remembers that her college boyfriend decided to shave off his beard shortly after they started dating.

When he did, "I commented that [without it] he looked really young and a little chubbier," says Kim.


She thought it was an innocent aside; he decided not to let a razor touch his face for the duration of their 18-month relationship. And, in truth, Kim had kind of liked his clean-shaven look.

Alas, keep in mind, even if we're making an attempt to groom ourselves, most men are a work-in-progress, with approximately the same learning curve as a monkey with a can opener. Maybe slower.

Tracy, an editor in San Francisco, was shocked when she walked in on her husband rubbing Vaseline on the soles of his feet.

"You've been using this on your feet for weeks? I've been putting it on my lips!” she squealed in disgust.

Her reaction, while understandable, was not-so-positive conditioning that likely set his grooming habits back for years.

It's a fact that, since the cancellation of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in October of 2007, men have been searching for a few good style guides. I, for example, am still looking for someone who can manage to give me a haircut that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a toupee.

The irony. But until I find that barber—or wake up willing to pay more than $12 for a trim—I, like my fellow menfolk, am just so much hairy clay, waiting to be shaped by well-manicured hands.

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