Can I Have Your Number?

Can I Have Your Number?

The good, bad and *cringe* cheesiest pick-up lines of all time.

As proven in some of our staff meetings here at Tango, a group of females can go for hours, rattling off the cheesiest pick-up lines they've ever heard.

Now, there are some cute and clever ones that I've even employed (What? Girls can't use pick up lines?) but for the most part - it's hard to make someone swoon with a one-liner you heard The Fresh Prince use in the early nineties.

If you're like us, and have gotten hit with the funniest, cheesiest or most unbelievable pick-up line (or even used any of those hum-dingers) at least try and get something for your trouble - enter AT&T's Pick Up Line Contest by submitting one of those infamous and orinigal lines. If yours attracts the most comments, you're up for a Palm Centro Smartphone or even a cruise.

You deserve a reward for being tortured with the worst attempts to get you in the sack anyway, right? Check out one of my favorite Mad TV skits below, for the absolute worst way to hit on someone.


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