Study: Women Handle More Housework

Study: Women Handle More Housework

No duh!

The results of a 40-year-long study on housework were recently released from the University of Michigan. Can you guess who does more? No big surprise here: Women do, in fact, know the broom, mop, and feather duster more intimately than their husbands, but the clincher is post-nuptials.

On average, single women did about 12 hours of housework a week, while married women did about 20. Women with three or more kids: roughly 28 hours a week. That’s not raising the kids—that’s simply cleaning up after them. Ack!

It has improved, though. The study noted that in 1976, the average wife spend 26 hours cleaning, cooking, etc. (That's zero kids and what sounds like one seriously messy husband.)


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