Sexy Ladies Make Men Spend Money

Sexy Ladies Make Men Spend Money

It appears that for men, sex sells. How about that?

A study was done at Stanford that showed men are more prone to riskier gambling after seeing erotic pictures. Something about scantily clad women shut off certain parts of the male brain, evidently. Nice call, Stanford. For Men <a href=Sex Sells" hspace="10" src="" title="For Men Sex Sells" vspace="5" />A study that was referenced on Jezebel yesterday is destined for the ‘Yeah, I already knew that’ pile. It appears that science has proven what every strip club owner and divorce lawyer already knows, sexy women make men spend money. That’s a bit of a false start, men feel like spending money when they’re around sexy women. A study conducted by Stanford University and lead by Brian Knutson, showed that men were more likely to take financial risks after viewing erotic images. Proving that sex sells. We wish they could tie this into game theory, somehow. The study showed men images and then asked them to wager a dollar or a dime on a coin flip. Men were more likely to wager big after the erotic images. The staff was shocked when they noticed that casinos ply gamers (largely men) with free booze served by generally attractive cocktail waitresses. We’re willing to bet that some casino boss somewhere is lobbying for topless or bikini-clad blackjack dealers. This goes hand-in-hand with dudes always thinking that flirty chicks want them. And check out this prophetic video from the Tango Archives:

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