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Koreans and Their Three-Year Itch


What ever happened to the standard seven?

korea, flirting, seven-year itch, cheatingHerewith, your official cocktail-party fodder, compliments of Tango:

According to The Korea Times, the majority of married individuals succumb to the three-year itch, as opposed to the Western, um, “philosophy” of seven.

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In addition, what drives Korean couples to divorce court the quickest? “Family conflict” wins with an average marriage of 3.7 years. See! We knew those in-laws were nothing but trouble…Financial stress takes second with marriages ending around 5.9 years.

Okay, we know, enough with the sad story. There’s the upside: Head of the Korea Wedding Culture Research Center said that most couples try to sustain their marriages, work through their issues, and remain faithful—especially around that three-year anniversary.

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