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Koreans and Their Three-Year Itch


What ever happened to the standard seven?

flirting, seven-year itch, cheating" alt="korea, flirting, seven-year itch, cheating" src="" />Herewith, your official cocktail-party fodder, compliments of Tango:

According to The Korea Times, the majority of married individuals succumb to the three-year itch, as opposed to the Western, um, “philosophy” of seven.

In addition, what drives Korean couples to divorce court the quickest? “Family conflict” wins with an average marriage of 3.7 years. See! We knew those in-laws were nothing but trouble…Financial stress takes second with marriages ending around 5.9 years.

Okay, we know, enough with the sad story. There’s the upside: Head of the Korea Wedding Culture Research Center said that most couples try to sustain their marriages, work through their issues, and remain faithful—especially around that three-year anniversary.


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