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Man Divorced By 2 Wives At The Same Time

Man Divorced By 2 Wives At The Same Time

A man in Malaysia got divorced twice in 3 minutes.

A man named Roslan Ngah from Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia is getting ditched by both of his wives. Ngah has been married to wife Norhayati Ismail since 1986 and they have 4 kids.  He’d been married to Mastura Ahmad for 13 years and they had 2 children. Mastura got the ball rolling with her divorce and Norhayati followed up minutes later. The staff of The Star (a Malay periodical) thought that the whole thing was a hoax. Evidently, they do April Fools Day in Malaysia. It’s great to see a country with such a large Muslim population with a sense of humor. We wonder how much of their humor has to do with polygamy. We’re guess that “take my wives, please” gets a good chuckle. There was another case that we remember that involved a woman getting fined over her lover’s failed marriage. The Malaysian justice system is firm, firm but fair.

The other amazing thing about this sitch is that the man getting ditched, Roslan Ngah, was pretty cool about it. He lives next door to the women and sort of saw it coming and was noncommittal about if he’ll get married again. That reminds us of a Willie Nelson quote about why divorces cost so much, “Because they’re worth every penny.”


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