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Andy Roddick Got Engaged


The tennis star put a ring on girlf Brooklyn Decker's finger.

According to, Andy Roddick is engaged to model and all-around fox Brooklyn Decker (which sounds like it could be a sweet sex move). The two have been dating for about a year. Evidently, he got her number by asking his agent to track it down. That’s pretty ballsy. What do you do at that point, call her? “Uh hi, this is Andy Roddick, the tennis player. Well, I was thumbing through Sport Illustrated and saw your picture. Not that I was doing anything, actually, I was checking to see if there was anything on me in there. But then I realized it was the swimsuit issue and, uh, I thought we could get a bite to eat, some time. I got my agent to get me your number. I was going to have him ask you out for me, but that would be weird. So, if you’re not too busy let’s have dinner. It’s cool if you are busy, no pressure. We can do it some other time.”

Looking back, he’s done pretty well for himself on the dating scene. In addition to dating Mandy Moore, he was also linked to Maria Sharapova (possibly trying to pull an Agassi-Steffi Graf and dominate tennis for generations). So, the conversation was probably a little smoother than that. Maybe now that he’s engaged he can get his tennis career back on track instead of chasing all those skirts. You don’t see Roger Federer out chasing tail. Possiby because he is a robot, but you get the point.


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