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Hookers, A Pregnant Man & Feminism

Hookers, A Pregnant Man & Feminism

A look at the state of our gender as Women's History Month comes to a close.

Women have been hot in the headlines this month. Here, we’ve pulled together a handy round up of March’s top female-focused stories—good, bad and impregnated:

The good:
Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t let Maxim’s “Unsexiest Woman” title get under her skin
The trucking industry recruits women
Female-friendly porn finding fans in Australia
Men grow increasingly willing to share household duties with their wives

The bad:
Spitzer’s romp with call girl Ashley/“Kristen” ends his tenure as governor of New York
Young British girls go ga-ga for Missbimbo online game
Elizabeth Wurtzel uses Hillary Clinton and Silda Wall Spitzer’s reputations to question feminism’s progress in the LA Times
Women are still being forced into marriage

The pregnant:
A transgendered man is with child
Army wives, strapped for cash, turn to surrogate motherhood
UK woman gives birth to child borne from dead husband’s sperm


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