Big Brother Takes On Internet Dating

Big Brother Takes On Internet Dating

Are background checks necessary?

Reps in Florida and New Jersey think so. According to the, NJ has passed legislation requiring online dating sites to disclose their background check policies, and Florida is attempting to pass a bill that would require sites to prominently post whether they required background checks and how they are performed.

Action has been taken in response to an increase in fraud. A high-risk target: lonely, widowed women with healthy savings accounts. (No offense Florida, but you do have a ton of, um, older folks, so we’d be watching out for them, too.)

In fact, the National Consumers League recently released a "Sweetheart Swindle" report on people who lost money to romantic interests they met online.

This is not to say that sites will require criminal checks—it just means that they must state if or how they are performed. One site, however,, is the only Internet dating company that mandates criminal and marital checks.

What do you think? Great idea—or stepping all over your constitutional rights? Tell us below.


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