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Another 10 Reasons To Have Sex

Another 10 Reasons To Have Sex

Evidently, intercourse has some medical benefits.

Reasons To Have SexBased on a report from Web MD, CBS has published a Top Ten reasons to have sex.

1: Sex Relieves Stress
2: Sex Boosts Immunity
3: Sex Burns Calories
4: Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health
5: Sex Boosts Self-Esteem
6: Sex Improves Intimacy
7: Sex Reduces Pain
8: Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk
9: Sex Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles
10: Sex Helps You Sleep Better

We thought there were a number of things missing, so here’s a not necessarily better but certainly superior list of reasons to have sex:

1: Saw that Djimon Hounsou billboard (some people have to reassure their sexuality, others need to close their eyes and fantasize).
2: Eliot Spitzer was willing to pay like $5,000.
3: That Viagra was fixin’ to expire.
4: Self-esteem boost… for them.
5: Procreation and procreation only, sinner.
6: To prove a point, teach a lesson, or possibly defend honor.
7: Only reruns were on TV and it was too early to go to sleep.
8: Lost a bet/ won a bet (Pam Anderson, this is NOT a reason to get married).
9: Va-jay-jay-dynia finally stopped flaring up.
10: Went to the zoo, watched the monkeys do it, and suddenly felt alone, vulnerable, horny.

What are your top ten reasons to have sex?



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