Video Game Of Mills-McCartney Divorce

Video Game Of Mills-McCartney Divorce

$50 is, hopefully, a lot of insulation against lampooning.

We’ll file this one under ‘Now We’ve Seen It All.’ A game site called Mucca Chucka lets gamers assume the role of Heather Mills. The game is called Splash And Grab. The players earn points by dousing Sir Paul and his lawyer with water (like Mills did following the settlement hearing). Points are deducted by hitting the judge. Good concept. Though after hearing the judge’s critique of Mills, you’d guess that he’d be fair game now too.

In addition to the Macca, his lawyer, and the judge, Ms. Mills could seek revenge on her legal team, Stella McCartney, the media, Dancing With The Stars, Rene Zellweger, and public opinion. You would lose points by listening to reason and agreeing to settle. Hopefully, other celebs will get in on the action. The Anti-Sheen Machine could allow players to take on the role of Denise Richards and torture Charlie Sheen through the media. You would lose points when he doesn’t respond. The Pam Scam could allow gamers to take on the part of Pamela Anderson and try to escape marriage to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, or Rick Salomon without losing too much dignity. Points can be lost for surgery and unflattering paparazzi photos. Points would be gained for sex tapes and one or more of the guys getting thrown out of MTV events.


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