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Weddings Gone Green

Weddings Gone Green


Many engaged couples are ready to say "I do...want to save the environment".

We're happy to find that more and more engaged couples are planning an environmentally conscious wedding, complete with fuel-conserving hybrid limosines and worm-friendly dresses. Makes sense, considering that aside from a possible new house, the wedding is probably the heftiest expenditure that the new couple will fork out for.

Brides are now promising their love and devotion to mother earth as well, and business partners Usurla Guyer and Stacey Senechalle are helping expand the trend. In 2006, the team opened White Chicago LLC, a bridal boutique that sells “once worn” and sample designer gowns. "

"All of the boutique’s gowns are on the verge of being recycled – each dress was either worn by one previous bride, or created as a sample garment for a manufacturer or retailer."

Shelley Murray, another bridal boutique owner in the area gives her customers the environmentally-friendly option of purchasing pre-worn fabric that is re-sewn into a one-of-a-kind gown. She also offers dresses that incorporate or are made from “peace silk,” a type of silk that is produced using an unconventional method that allows silk worms to grow and emerge as adult moths before they get the silk for the dresses.

Thankfully, it looks like attention to detail isn't just about intricate beadwork anymore.



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