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Looking for a Date?


It's a long way 'til Friday...why not go out tonight?

And you can, with The web site coordinates spur-of-the-moment, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants dates in cities across the country. Here's where the "crazy" comes in: They match you up, tell you where to meet your mystery man, and you find him in a crowded bar or coffee shop. Like, tonight. (You can schedule a date for the following night, too, if you're thinking you need a little time to process how weird the whole set-up is.)And did we mention there are no pictures or profiles to peruse? It's all up to the gods of We went through the date-finding process, and it looks legit. Too bad this editor is taken. Has anyone out there tried it? Spill! We're dying to here the details...


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