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White People Also Like Divorces

White People Also Like Divorces

A website explains how to benefit from white people getting divorced.

Last time around we mentioned that White People like painful breakups. A website called Stuff White People Like (SWPL) discusses unique proclivities of Caucasian Americans and how to take advantage of those proclivities. This time around, SWPL explains why divorce is important to White People. Essentially, they claim that the typical reason white people get divorced is that they want a change of some kind. The big focus though, is that White People may not want to get divorced but recognize how important it is to the White Economy. The occupations of counselor, therapist, and lawyer count on divorces to put food on their table. And the thriving wedding industry, which appears to employ a huge percentage of liberal arts majors, would not survive if White People only got married one time around. Interesting theory. Read more about White People's love for divorce (but not parsnips) at SWPL.


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