Pregnancy Makes Women Smarter

Pregnancy Makes Women Smarter

You ever get really bad information? Info so bad that you think someone’s just lying to see if you’re paying any attention? We just bumped into an article that makes us question everything we’ve known about pregnancy and its effect on the carrier (oh boy, carrier makes it sound like a disease). According to this article, being pregnant makes women smarter. What the hey hey? Evidently, this research shows that certain hormones flood women’s brains and gives them mental celerity and acuity into their later years.

The study compared women with and without children and found that, on average, the women with children were a little more aware than the others. The study, by a Professor Craig Kinsley of the University of Richmond, says that this boost lasts until old age and is largely an evolutionary tool to help defend children. We thought, “That’s great, but aren’t pregnant broads supposed to be forgetful?” And sure, that hasn’t changed, but forgetfulness and situational awareness are not the same thing. Huh. Eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head and women’s intuition may exist outside of metaphysics. Good to know. Hopefully, we’ll learn how mothers are able to pick up forklifts when they overturn on toddlers. This would explain how the women with small children always made good grades in college. Or it could be the lack of bong hits and Old English.

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