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A Lil' Taste of Love


Creating a recipe for a hot new relationship.

My friends have pretty high standards when it comes to dates - creativity is key. So last night, when one of them mentioned how smitten she is with her newest prospect, I knew he came with his A-game.

And I was right; he had signed them up for a cooking class which ended up being a lot of fun and eliminated any type of awkward first date tension - while retaining just the perfect amount of sexual tension. All that chopping, kneading and tasting loosened them both up, she told me and allowed her to get to know him in a no-pressure type of atmosphere.

Yes, cooking for your man can be a sure-fire way to guarantee satisfaction, but can learning to whip up something together actually nurture a new relationship? Real Simple seems to think so - they even suggest to find a class near you.


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