Data Storage And Engagement Ring

Data Storage And Engagement Ring

Swarovski is famous for beautiful crystal and jewelry. USB flash drives are famous for storing data. Say that you wanted a little of both. The average guy would probably buy an engagement ring and a couple of keychain flash drives, like a sucker. But the truly evolved dude would settle for a real solution. Or a novel solution. Or a real novel solution. He would purchase a USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring. These rhubarbs have a real Swarovski crystal, a USB port, and a ‘sharing’ feature. The sharing feature allows you to move photos, love letters, and sexy spreadsheets back and forth. It’s the 21st century’s answer to the photo locket. Things will be a little easier for Brad and Angelina in a Mr. And Mrs. Smith sequel with a few of these puppies.

Finally designers are taking function into account with their jewelry. Honestly, is this more of a stretch than necklaces with people’s name on them?

Check them out at JFlume...


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