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Sweat Together, Stay Together


Sweat Together, Stay Together
Make a date that'll make your heart race.

Biggest Loser Season 5 contestants Curtis and MalloryIf you and your S.O. have had your fill of QT spent with takeout on the couch, tomorrow brings a new season and, with it, the chance to put a "spring" in both of your steps.

Studies show getting in shape (or staying in shape) as a couple increases mutual weight loss, sexual satisfaction and overall happiness in the relationship. Not to mention the personal rewards that being active reaps. Case in point: try keeping a dry eye while watching the proud faces of NBC's The Biggest Loser contestants who have melted off mega pounds.

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Even mild exercise, like hiking or going to the driving range, can add a new element to your dinner-and-a-movie dating repertoire. And, imagine how much better tag-teaming a 5K instead of a Jumbo popcorn feels.

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Pictured above: TBL 5's husband and wife team, Curtis and Mallory, who, despite being the first couple kicked off the show, dropped a total 38 total pounds in two weeks.

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