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Sweat Together, Stay Together


Make a date that'll make your heart race.

If you and your S.O. have had your fill of QT spent with takeout on the couch, tomorrow brings a new season and, with it, the chance to put a "spring" in both of your steps.

Studies show getting in shape (or staying in shape) as a couple increases mutual weight loss, sexual satisfaction and overall happiness in the relationship. Not to mention the personal rewards that being active reaps. Case in point: try keeping a dry eye while watching the proud faces of NBC's The Biggest Loser contestants who have melted off mega pounds.

Even mild exercise, like hiking or going to the driving range, can add a new element to your dinner-and-a-movie dating repertoire. And, imagine how much better tag-teaming a 5K instead of a Jumbo popcorn feels. offers great suggestions for couple-friendly activities.

Pictured above: TBL 5's husband and wife team, Curtis and Mallory, who, despite being the first couple kicked off the show, dropped a total 38 total pounds in two weeks.


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