Have We Really Come a Long Way?

Have We Really Come a Long Way?

Elizabeth Wurtzel spills about how feminism has taken on a new meaning.

Has today’s feminist movement really taken on a twisted connotation? There’s a stimulating and valid rant in The Los Angeles Times about how the original strengths and rights that women are striving to rightly claim have been blurred into obscurity.

Elizabeth Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation states, “Because Silda Wall Spitzer is accomplished and beautiful, the whole scene [Spitzer scandal] serves as a grim reminder that even amazing women become sexually disposable after a certain age.”

She goes on to discuss how many of our most powerful companies have female CEOs, yet they still make 80 cents to a man’s dollar.

“It seems that the only industries in which women earn more than their male counterparts are pornography and prostitution,” she says.

“…Feminism, which was meant to be fun, has lately started to seem so sour. Men, particularly married men, often dislike Hillary Clinton, and I suspect that it's because she represents the unsexy wing of the women's movement.”

Then again, Wurtzel also sees feminism as “owning your own orgasm” and that’s pretty sexy. Is there a middle ground, or will we continue to wade between what we’ll accept and what we deserve?


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