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Starting Over eBay Style

Starting Over eBay Style

A man in Australia has decided to let it all go. He's been burned by divorce and wants to just move on, so he's selling his home, car, friends, and job on eBay and taking off. That's well and good, but his website seems like he would really like to hold onto some vestige of his old life, maybe go back to the way things used to be. An Australian man embittered by his divorce has decided to turn over a new leaf by getting rid of everything that came before. He’s using the online auction site eBay to move his house, job, car, and friends. And everything is basically priced to move. The ‘stuff’ is valued at $385,000 and the winner will own a home in Perth, a car, a jet ski, a motorbike, an introduction to “great friends”, and a 2-week trial job at a rug store. His wife heard about this scheme and thought he was ‘mental.’ But if wanting to move on after a painful time is crazy, then we all shouldn’t have to be sane. He wants to pack up his passport, his 400 grand, and go on his way. This is a much more responsible (and lazy) way of doing it, rather than faking his own death and leaving his estate in trust to a Mr. Alfred E. Newman. We’re guessing that work at a rug store can’t be too rigorous (unless you’re paid on commission, then old Gill might kirk out a little). And if Ian Usher’s friends are at all like the Australians we’ve met and seen on TV they’d probably make pretty good friends. Although it might be a bit awkward, would they refer to the new guy as New Ian or Ian 2.0? What if they sided with the wife in the divorce? What if the dude that buys his life gets together with his ex-wife? This has a Trading Places sequel written all over it. Mortimer, get us the price of frozen concentrated orange juice futures! The auction starts on June 22nd and goes one week, at which point he's boarding the first plane for parts unknown. Check out Ian’s website at the cleverly titled There’s a lot there. We mean a lot. Like a lot of pain and bitterness. He may be angling for someone to talk him out of this. Should he maybe think about coloring his hair or getting a tattoo before going through with this? Forget it, let it ride brah!



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