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Rabbis Play Cupid


Synagogues subsidize JDate memberships.

Acknowledging that there aren’t a plethora of dating options for his single congregants, Rabbi Kenneth Emert took matters into his own hands—and hopped on the Internet. The New Jersey rabbi had heard of a congregation that had emphasized its members to be proactive in their dating search and offered $1,000 (from the rabbi’s own pocket) for 24 six-month subscriptions to Emert soon realized that his own singles needed a little fundraising, as well. Says The New Jersey Standard: “Emert — who in December began to use monies from his synagogue’s discretionary fund to subsidize JDate memberships for 12 congregants — said that ‘more and more Jewish singles have met their spouses on this wonderful modern-day shidduch Website.’ “Advertising the project as a ‘Chanukah gift for Jewish singles,’ the shul’s December newsletter invited interested members to call the rabbi directly.” JDate worked with Emert to fund 12 three-month memberships and now offers bulk rates to synagogues looking to enroll its congregants.


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