Why Do Men Buy Sex?


Why Do Men Buy Sex?
The guys who buy it aren't who you think. Nor are their reasons for doing so.

It didn't seem like the case in this Spitzer case. Why do women always come out and say, "I stand by my man"? Why didn’t she say, "I'm completely disgusted. I want to get a divorce?" There's this whole bandwagon of expectation. It's this "stand by my man" narrative that women have to, all the time… Hillary did it. Why are they doing it? Why do these women? Why doesn't he or she come out in support of having private lives? They toe this apologetic line, and they underscore this idea of the nuclear family, and it's only right to have sex with your wife, when it’s clearly not their reality.

So is there an answer?

Not when everyone wants to pretend. But the sex industry exists because of marriage, not in spite of it. It's this one public institution that has to look a certain way. But that doesn't preclude having other types of experiences. It's those discussions… people just don’t have them.

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