Spitz or Swallow: The Fellatio Factor


Spitz or Swallow: The Fellatio Factor
What do blowjobs and prostitution have in common? More than you think.

Of course, you can list many reasons guys might prefer to get their jollies with a call girl. In fact, a series of studies Monto performed cited the following as common causes:

1) They're attracted to the illicit or risky nature of the encounter.
2) They want to have greater control over their sexual experiences.
3) They have difficulty becoming involved in conventional relationships.
4) They want to avoid the responsibilities or emotional attachments of a conventional relationship.


But in the end he concluded that one of the main reasons clients pursue encounters with prostitutes is that they're interested in sexual practices they don’t have access to, either because they don’t have a steady partner, or she's not willing to go there.

And there are even stats to back that up. While I'm not sure our tax money is best used to substantiate that men are more interested in getting head than women are in giving it, the National Health and Social Life Survey did turn up some interesting findings on going down: While 45% of men found receiving oral sex very appealing, only 17% of women found doing the honors equally so.

Call it the eggs benedict effect—or as the old wink-wink, just-between-guys joke goes: "What do blowjobs and eggs benedict have in common?"

The answer, ladies? "You can't get them at home."

We politely beg to differ. Herewith, your recipe for Eggs Benedict.

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