JT To Develop A Love Sitcom

JT To Develop A Love Sitcom

The superstar of stage, screen, and music to produce sitcom on love.

OMFG! The prophecy is coming true. According to the people at People, Justin Timberlake is in talks with NBC about bringing the LatAM sitcom Mi Problema con las Mujeres (loosely translated to My Problem With The Women) to America. His show, titled My Problem With Women, is about a bachelor named Jose that’s seeing a therapist to help solve his relationship problems. It’s a sound prospect. Guys with women problems are funny. As is therapy. The whole thing hinges on them not casting Wilmer Valderrama as the lead. He can be Jose’s buddy. Or cousin.

Finally, America will finally get a humorous look at how guys think. If JT can pull this off, Howard Stern may have to hand over his crown as king of all media.


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