Let's Not Get Carried Away

Let's Not Get Carried Away

Ready for another round with the girls?

Break ups are hard. And many of us spent the latter part of 2004 mourning the end of a great one with Sex and the City. But, once I've healed and gotten over a loss - do I really want to revisit the past?

I'm feeling iffy about the Sex and the City movie coming out this May. Trailers are running rampant in theaters, with just enough tantalizing details to make me miss the Manolos, the men and the glammed up perspective of Manhattan. But with the closure that the last episode provided me, do I really need more?

All I'm saying is, Michael Jordan left at the top his game with swagger. He came back a little while later and made a mockery of his career. He should've done it like Seinfeld, in my opinon - left with everyone wanting more. Don't be the last person to leave the party! You might not get invited back.

So now that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Char did get invited back, they better throw one hell of the party.


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