Road Warriors

Road Warriors

Couples are the hot new demo for…trucking?

An interesting stat popped out at us in a not-so- interesting New York Times article on the overhaul of big-rigs, aka 18-wheelers: They're being redesigned with couples in mind. Yes. Turns out, husband-and-wife trucking teams are a growing trend, and the market is responding with stylish interiors, designer touches, and more living space.

Says the piece:
"To lure more drivers behind the wheel, companies are seeking women, couples and retirees. They are also trying to improve life on the road with truck cabs that provide more comfort and style.

“'This industry has become very diverse,' Mr. Kapur said. 'There are lots of women and retirees. People buy a truck, and hauling becomes a second or third career. The growth in husband-and-wife teams has been meteoric over the past five or six years.'"

"The LoneStar is designed with such couples in mind, with its wood floor and kitchenette in the sleeper compartment."

Apparently, a major drawback to trucking is being on the road and away from family for extended periods of time. So why not bring the little lady with you? Get her a class B license will you're at it, and she can man the wheel, too. Sounds like a plan to us.


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