Child Services And Your Lack Of Rights


Child Services And Your Lack Of Rights
A family torn apart when zeal overcame sense in a child safety case.

Accountability And Child Services

We were forwarded a heart-breaking story from yesterday’s Washington Post and thought we’d share. What’s the scariest thing that can happen to a parent? Not college tuition. Having your kids taken away from you, right? Recovering taken kids is the stuff of epics and apparently most of the plot of the show Lost. A couple in DC is just barely starting to recover from the shock of having their twin daughters taken from them by child services.

And now the back story; the DC couple’s nightmare began with a bump on the head. Or actually, a bumped head with no actual ‘bump.’ After a short fall and some strange behavior, they took their daughter to a local children’s hospital. There was evidence of retinal hemorrhaging (a warning sign of shaken baby syndrome). While the hemorrhaging was later diagnosed as a probable preexisting condition but the wheels of justice were already turning.