Nameplate Necklaces: An Update

Nameplate Necklaces: An Update

Love the concept; lose the language.

Out of Carrie Bradshaw's many influences on fashion, her gold "Carrie" necklace might be the trend with the widest reach and staying power.

From Miami teens to Midwestern mothers, the Sex and the City-inspired nameplate craze persists, but I think it's in need of a twist.

E-commerce site sells gold and silver name necklaces in languages arguably more aesthetically pleasing than English, such as Hebrew and Arabic. Provided your pals are not up on Eastern languages, you could get your man's name spelled out in, say, Chinese or Sanskrit, and proudly wear him close to your heart without any good-natured heckling from friends.

I'd advise against choosing a meaningless word just because it looks pretty, however. I have a friend who has a tattoo of a beautiful Chinese character. When inevitably asked what it means, he's forced to sheepishly reply: "Thumb." And, no, he's not an avid hitchhiker.


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