Avoid the Midlife Crisis

Avoid the Midlife Crisis

It's the fastest growing reason for divorce!

A midlife crisis is the cause for:

a) a shiny new sports car in the driveway
b) your husband’s suspicious fascination with the new (younger) girl at work
c) a divorce
d) all of the above
If you answered "d," you are correct! We all know that the first two answers are no-brainers, but a recent article in the Guardian newspaper reported that growing numbers of divorcing couples in the U.K. are citing "midlife crisis" as a cause for separation.

In fact, ranks second, just behind extramarital affairs, for reasons for filing and has risen from just 2% in 2006 to 14% for 2007.

So it might be worth it for you and your partner to avoid the middle-aged mayhem. It could save your marriage.


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