Politically Incorrect


Could a person's political views be a relationship dealbreaker?

Presidential election talk has invaded every single nook of our social lives - including dinner parties. This weekend, one pleasant table conversation swiftly spawned into all out warfare embedded with phrases like:

"How could even think about voting for Barack? Hillary is a two for one deal!"


"You guys can hope and fantasize all you want, but we're going to have a Republican take the hot seat at the end. America isn't ready for change."

Now when you're single, ready to mingle and eyeing a prospective guy at a party, there are a couple of deal-breakers that are non-negotiable. Everybody knows the committment it takes to foster a relationship with differing strongly enforced religious beliefs, but what about politics? Could they be just as important to some?

Check out what Tango had to say, as well as a recent Modern Love clip from the New York Times.


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