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New Use for Velcro: Dating

New Use for Velcro: Dating

Get people stuck on you with Velcro.

Based out of Finland, Aamu Song and Johan Olin— together known as COM-PA-NY— are the brains behind a product they describe as being "for lonely and bored people."

They created Takkiainen, a jacket made out of Velcro for the purpose of facilitating human connection. "Since we brush each other by with our clothes everyday while moving around in the city, we can use our clothes as a medium for meeting people," posits COM-PA-NY.

We're not so sure how popular this concept will be among the singles struck with ennui, but it sure brings a new meaning to "Let's stick together."

COM-PA-NY also has an archive of other innovative and interesting pieces such as a pair of jeans with custom gloves built-in, the safety skirt to prevent accidental knicker-flashing and footwear with space to fit a child's feet on top to make those father-daughter dances a little easier.


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