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Engagement Ring Or Murder Weapon?

Engagement Ring Or Murder Weapon?

A new engagement ring doubles as a sweet shiv.

Any of you ladies desperate to channel your inner Wolverine but Hugh Jackman won’t call you back? No? Never you mind then. Done playing coy?

Alright then, the jeweler Tobias Wong has a new diamond engagement ring called the ‘Killer Diamond Engagement Ring.’ First take a ring most likely made out of silver and possibly platinum. Add prongs to it. Then throw in a diamond-cut diamond. Now what they do different is they flip the diamond in the other direction. Now you have a weapon that can “cut skin down to the bone.”

It’s a good product, sure pepper spray is more effective and a taser is funnier but this will probably resonate with the spikes and diamonds crowd. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this as the weapon-of-choice for a Bond Vixen.

So, if you’re a fan of, um, Wolverine from the XMen and/ or feel like you should be able to puncture someone at a moments notice this could be the enragement (yeah, enragement) ring for you.

Read more about this downright dangerous product at Wired


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