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The beat, beat, beat of my pillow?

Destress with my beating heart.

I was perusing one of my favorite websites, apartmenttherapyand saw a piece on my beating heart. It’s a heart shaped pillow that plays a unique heartbeat rhythm and is meant to remind you of holding a pet or loved one, according to their literature. The first thing I thought of was when I was little and we put a beating clock wrapped in a towel with our new puppy to remind her of her mother’s heartbeat. It didn’t work on our puppy and I was skeptical about it working on me. Well, color me wrong.

The heart is very soft and fuzzy and when you turn it on a rhythmic beat begins. So, even hugging it in our hectic office I could see the therapeutic benefits of it. It’s soothing and comforting and just plain cool. They say that our hearts begin to sync with the hearts of those we hug or hold and I can certainly see this being true. So, whether you just need to chill or your honey isn’t around, check out their site for purchasing information.


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