Guide for Couples: Getting the Love You Want

By YourTango

Harville Hendrix Book 

Every couple could use a little free therapy, but who knew that a relationship in itself could provide just the healing you need? Dr. Harville Hendrix explains it all in his book, Getting the Love You Want.
In the first of several books he’s penned on relationships, Hendrix delves into Imago Therapy—a theory created and nurtured by him and his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt. In a nutshell, Imago explores the idea that, as a couple, you can strengthen your bond by supporting, instead picking at, each other. As anyone who’s been in an LTR knows well, that’s easier said than done.


But what we like about this particular type of relationship therapy is that it takes you beyond a “don’t nag when he leaves his socks on the floor” place to a more philosophical approach to love. For now we’ll leave you with this fortune-cookie bit of Imago wisdom:

    “Conflict is growth trying to happen.”

Wise words. And there are more where they came from. Getting the Love You Want is being re-released in honor of its 20th Anniversary. But only Tango has an exclusive excerpt here.

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