Cabin Fever: Contagious, Just Like Real Fever


Now that we’re solidly entrenched in winter and starting the long, holiday-less gray time before spring, the mood in the Ference-Smith household is turning decidedly dour. Frank and I both suffer from some degree of winter sadness, and it’s been extra overcast and chilly in New York of late. Even in the best of times, the two of us are fairly moody individuals, so when the annual long dark teatime of the soul sets in, things can get ugly.
What’s especially difficult is managing the spirit of the house. Hausgeist? Anyone who doesn’t live alone—whether your cohabiters are boyfriends, roommates, or parents—knows what I’m talking about. Hausgeist is the invisible, silent current of mood and emotion that flows through every household, permeating every object with an almost tangible residue of whatever the prevailing feeling is.