Pastor Challenges Congregation To Do It Everyday

Pastor Challenges Congregation To Do It Everyday

He's hoping that sex everyday for 30 days will help cure divorce.

An engenuitive pastor in southwest Florida (Ybor City) has taken a novel approach to combating divorce. He's challenged his flock to have sex every single day for a month. That'll learn 'em.

A pastor that goes by the name Paul Wirth is trying to nip this whole divorce rate thing in the bud. He’s thrown down the gauntlet to his Ybor City (pronounced ee-bore. And is a suburb of Tampa) church: have sex (with each other) everyday for a month. He has made some churchgoers exempt from this challenge, namely unmarried people and we assume the very elderly. We applaud this effort. This guy probably knows his audience and wants to stay popular. And even though the Bible is a little hazy on sex for anything other than procreation, we’re sure he found a passage to justify it. We do have a few questions though: 1) Really everyday? Aren’t some guys out there terrified of having sex while their wives are menstruating? 2) Everyday? Without Viagra can all guys over 45 handle that workload? 3) Everyday? Wouldn’t having sex during ovulation risk pregnancy? Unless they’re using birth control but is that allowed? Is pull-and-pray acceptable? We picture some Floridian not being able to handle this, “Reverend Wirth, I see what you’re trying to do here and I appreciate it, but I’m not a young man any more and she’s like a goddamn, sorry, mountain lion. If I was this bad when we started dating, then I’m really sorry. It’s like she has five hands and she’s been slipping Levitra into my scrambled eggs. Thank God that she’s gone through the menopause, I don’t think I could, you know, do my husbandly duties while her Aunt Flo was visitin’. I know what Sisyphus was up against. Oh that ain't Christian, is it? Howabout Job? Okay, I’ll be back if I need an exorcist.” Read more about ‘the challenge’ at CNN


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