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Heart-Broken Humor

A site to help laugh away the break-up blues.

As Indigo Girl Emily Saliers once said, "You have to laugh at yourself because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't."

When Angie Schmidt’s husband cheated on her with their mutual best friend and next-door neighbor, Katie, she experienced the typical feelings of anger and sadness that accompany a loved one’s betrayal. Then, Schmidt decided humor was indeed the best medicine and created a successful e-commerce site aptly called that stocks products meant to turn a broken-hearted frown upside down.

Have a recently divorced pal who's experiencing ring attachment à la Charlotte in Sex and the City? Check out An Actual Wedding Ring Coffin (choose between inscriptions “Six Feet Isn’t Deep Enough” or "RIP"). Want to tell him off like a lady? Send a Subversive Cross Stitch Notecard -- they look sweet as pie but read like a ticked-off truck driver.


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