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One Dogged Divorce


The big bucks roll when it comes to man’s best friend.

A recent New York Post article profiled a high-profile divorce, the largest arguing point being the couple’s dog. Marsh Newmark has spent $60,000 in a messy battle with his estranged wife, Darynn Zimmer, to gain custody of the former couple’s dog, Rocky.

Prior to filing with a Long Island court, Newmark attempted to ’nap Rocky, but the mission failed:

“Newmark asked a loyal friend to try to get Rocky back. ‘[Darynn's] boyfriend was walking Rocky — they only walk him for a few minutes — and my friend came up from behind with a leash and tried to unhook one leash and hook the other one on. The boyfriend fell and called out, ‘He's stealing my dog!' The doorman tackled my friend, and the police came.’”

Newmark still hasn’t quit and is currently appealing a previous judgment, which left the dog in his ex’s possession. Editor’s note: As a canine loyalist, I might be crazy enough to shell out $60K to keep my dog, too. He’s certainly been more dependable than (and has outlasted) more than a few boyfriends.


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