The Herp Linked To 2 Big Pregnancy Problems

The Herp Linked To 2 Big Pregnancy Problems

Premature birth and high pregnancy blood pressure can be virally caused.

Staff at the University of Adelaide and the Adelaide Women’s Hospital (in Australia) have discovered a link between Herpes and premature birth and high pregnancy blood pressure. Scientists have long known about a connection between premature birth and high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia, as high blood pressure during pregnancy is known, affects up to 10% of first pregnancies.

The study showed a link between viral infections and pre-eclampsia. The researchers also went on to say that there could be a connection between viral infections and genetic mutations in clotting and inflammation control and possibly with cerebral palsy. There is hope though; older studies suggest that pre-eclampsia can be kept in check with calcium and Aspirin.

So, a little bad news there with a little silver-lining, right? We’re still waiting for the pregnancy research that says expectant moms really don’t have anything to worry about. Fingers cross for that one. A cure or vaccine to the Herp wouldn’t be to much to ask for while they’re at it.

Read more from ScienceDaily about the link between Herpes and high BP…


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