New Boyfriend Disrupts Friendship

New Boyfriend Disrupts Friendship

One woman wonders on how to maintain a friendship with a woman who spends all her time with her new

A close girlfriend of mine recently fell in love with a great guy, but now she hardly has time for me. How can I remind her how important our friendship is without disrupting her relationship? –Annie, 29

It’s always difficult to feel like you’ve lost a good friend to a romance. But keep in mind: The all-consuming “new love” phase of a relationship won’t be all-consuming for long.
I applaud you for not resenting your friend. You are experiencing a big change in your life as a result of her newfound love—and it’s obviously change you didn’t ask for.

It’s possible that your friend doesn’t even realize you miss her, so be sure to emphasize how important her friendship is to you. Then, why not initiate a girls’ night out? (Just be prepared to hear an earful about the new boyfriend.)

Another option is to spend time with them as a couple—both to get to know him better and to show your support for their relationship. Try going to a ball game together or simply cooking dinner for them at home. And who knows? You might actually gain a friend instead of losing one.

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