Is Your Relationship Dead?

Is Your Relationship Dead?

Give it a proper send-off.

An ingenious new web site, Relationship Obituaries, allows both the dumped and dumpees closure and a therapeutic good-bye via a relationship obituary. The founder was devastated when her ex broke up with her. Two weeks later, she found herself writing an obituary for her father’s sudden passing. The creative process helped her reflect and heal, so she applied the same assignment to her dead relationship. She then opened the idea up to the public, and voila, enter Relationship Obituaries.

Here’s a sample:
Jill and David
Cause of death: Dr. David, Your Jill Has Had Enough 31May2004 thru 06Feb2008

David and Jill have died due to David's careless handling of Jill's love and devotion. This was then preceded by arrogance and lack of accountability, which eventually led to the death of "them"…


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