Send Yourself Roses

Send Yourself Roses

Kathleen Turner writes about life's petals and thorns.

For fans of husky-voiced Kathleen Turner and those looking to be inspired by the actress’ “you go girl” words of encouragement, skip the title’s command this Valentine’s Day and Buy Yourself This Book instead.

The 53-year-old stage and screen star dishes about working with leading men such as Jack Nicholson, Steve Martin and Michael Douglas (“We couldn’t keep up the romance") while recounting a very human tale of balancing success and failure, battling rheumatoid arthritis and drinking, juggling motherhood and career, and surviving her recent divorce from husband Jay Weiss. Whether you recall Turner in Romancing the Stone or her turn as a bare-it-all Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate on Broadway (a brave move at 48!), we can all learn from and relate to many of Turner’s experiences.

Dedicating an entire chapter to her voice and excessively sunny writing aside, Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles (Springboard, $25) is an entertaining, warm read for the long President’s Day weekend. Written in collaboration with former Planned Parenthood Prez and friend, Gloria Feldt.


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