Mr. Bench Press, Meet Ms. Pilates


Mr. Bench Press, Meet Ms. Pilates
Men and women can learn a few things from each other to stay healthy.

Don’t be afraid to sweat in the company of others. Many men will not cross the threshold of a group fitness room, pooh-poohing classes as “girly.” What they don’t realize is that classes are like working out with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost, says Barrett.

Pilates equals enhanced performance. It helps build your body’s core, the source of all your power, while improving flexibility and enhancing overall performance. (New Jersey Net Jason Kidd and Tiger Woods are Pilates enthusiasts.) Durkin also recommends yoga and meditation to manage stress and increase flexibility.


Get out of the weight room. According to Durkin, too many men obsess over building muscle mass, but ignore the most important muscle of all: the heart. (Awwww.) Cardio workouts are critical to fitness.

Indulge yourself. Far from frivolous, says Barrett, massages and spa treatments are “an important part of wellness” for both sexes. Now go share the health: Read this aloud—while he gives you a backrub.