Wifery 101: I Took A Class On Being A Good Wife


Wifery 101: I Took A Class On Being A Good Wife
How do you learn to be a better wife? A class, of course.

I did, of course, have my differences with the FW way. When one woman wrote about her husband's infidelity, the class told her to practice being more feminine, and to pray to win him back. The other women seemed to agree that it was up to them to make their marriages work, while they were willing to accept almost any fault in their husbands. That approach seemed one-sided and sexist to me. Before encountering the class, I would have told any woman to leave a cheater immediately out of self-respect. I felt a bit like the black sheep of the group who wasn't willing to follow the rules.

Despite our differences, I found myself thinking about the other women on my way to work, or while I was making dinner. I even incorporated some of the lessons into my life: Instead of changing into sweatpants as soon as I got home, I tried to wear fitted pants and a nice top, and reported back to the class that it did make me feel better about myself. Instead of getting angry one night when I felt like I was doing all the dishes, I pouted a little, and as silly as it sounds, it quickly diffused the tension. By the time the class was over, I realized that as women just trying to improve our lives, I had more in common with the other FW participants than I ever would have guessed.