Running Into Love

Running Into Love

A running group that raises cancer awareness doubles as a matchmaker.

Team In Training or "TNT", a nationwide running, biking and triathlon group that raises money to fight leukemia and lymphoma, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Several members of TNT's North Texas chapter will soon be sharing anniversaries, too.

The Dallas Morning News yesterday featured four TNT couples who met while training for marathons, half-marathons or hundred-mile bike rides, all in the name of kicking cancer to the curb.

"When a group of people get up early on Saturday mornings and train togther, you really start bonding with them," marathon runner, Neil Sobol, said. "You talk about things. You start developing friendships differently than you would at work. You hit gold a few times."

And he should know. Neil married fellow TNT runner, Becky, on January 19. The two met while training for a half-marathon to honor their mutual friend's leukemia-stricken son. Last September, Neil presented Becky with a fuel belt, meant to hold water and energy supplements during a race. Tucked inside a pouch was the engagement ring. Some fuel!

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