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A customized love song, you say? Yup, for a mere $25K.

Boy, people really have money to throw around these days. First, the $15K proposal, and now this. But did we mention $25,000 gets you a live performance? Even if your bank account won’t allow for such luxuries, musician Brian Alex might have something in your price range, as Yahoo! reports. The songwriter and performer will create a custom love song for you for your loved one, from $2,000 and up. The former wedding singer noticed that men had difficulty expressing their emotions and thought up Custom Love Songs.

Says the article:
“The songs don't always have the desired effect. One man was hoping a custom love song would keep his wife from filing for divorce. She was touched by the gesture, says Alex, but still followed through with the divorce.”

Don’t worry—there are many happy endings on his web site, as well…


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