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A Woman's Right to Shoes


Technology meets sexy footwear...

Women from all paths of life have fled to America to escape the confinement of old world gender oppression, so isn't it only right to value our freedom wisely? Or could it be possible that some women are taking their sense of freedom too far?

In regions of the country where prostitution is legal, the Aphrodite Project Platforms are causing quite a stir. These shoes - of which a concept pair are on display at the Museum of Sex in New York City - look like the stereotypical "hooker heels" but are decked out with a panic button and a GPS system.

You read right; so now, when a sex worker is doing her thing, she's protected by an actual alarm system that can alert cops if she's in danger and then lead them to her exact location. Isn't technology a trip?

This whole idea of protecting the females that go against societal values runs in the same vein as the sex ed/condom distribution in high schools debate. They're going to do it why not try and prevent the deadly harm that could potentially ensue?

The Museum of Sex, which is boasting an impressive Design in Sex/Sex in Design exhibit this month, displays these and a bunch of other innovative concepts that could transform our view of sexuality as we know it - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


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